I live what I practice – spirituality.

I have been systematically engaged in the practice and theory of spirituality for the last 33 years.

Professionally I specialize in spirituality research and interreligious dialogue. I was privileged to participate at several research stays worldwide at Collegeville Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research, Bossey Ecumenical Institute, and Fulbright American Studies Institute.

An extensive list of my publications includes five scholarly books:

I am honored to serve as the Editor-in-Chief of the international peer-reviewed journal on spirituality Spirituality Studies.

It is my pleasure to give lectures and consultations on spirituality, and provide private Meditation Program for motivated individuals.



Yoga is not a sport, or a set of physical postures, nor a religious cult of Hindu gods.

Authentic Yoga is spirituality – the way of life and understanding of reality inspired by ancient mystical traditions of India.

Yoga is the art of peace of mind and harmonious life (Eduard Tomáš).

In a classical Greek meaning, art, similarly to areté, Gr. “virtue”, means “craft” (techné) to “stand in-between” two extremes (Aristotle) – between the paralyzing mental passivity (Gr. acedia, or Sa. tamas in the philosophy of Sāmkhya) and the absorbing mental activity (Gr. pathos, or Sa. rajas in the Sāmkhya darshana) – in the balance of intensive attention, in the presence of vibrating life-giving vitality (Gr. energeia, Sa. shakti). It is this practice (Gr. praxis, Sa. sādhana) that leads to wisdom (Gr. theoria, Lat. contemplatio, Sa. jñāna), aims at restoring the original unity of Being and Knowing – the integrity of the primordial state.

Harmonization of appropriately selected physical movements with breath and proper mental attitude helps to detoxify and vitalize the body, stimulate the immune system, reduce stress, adjust the weight, develop concentration, and finally make you ready for contemplation.




Get to know classical “Yoga of the eight limbs” in the ancient tradition of The Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali. Merge your practice of postures (āsana) with the development of values and attitudes (yama, niyama), the control of the life force (prānāyāma), concentration and contemplation (pratyāhāra, dhāranā, dhyāna, samādhi).

  • Yoga is a complex program designed for private clients. Program is held on agreement with a client.



Learn how to meditate and enjoy the benefits of meditation. Master the Christian contemplative tradition of the Cloud of Unknowing.

Get the basic meditation skills, learn meditation postures, harmonious breathing, balanced meditation attitude, and selected forms & methods of meditation.

  • Meditation is a complex program designed for private clients. Program is held on agreement with a client.



Get to know the model of spirituality as an inherent component of personality, learn more about practical effects of spirituality in everyday life and its modalities in transcultural perspective.

  • Spirituality is an educational program designed for the general public.
  • The program covers the following topics: spirituality as a component of personality, spirituality in the World religions, Christian spiritualities, classical Indian Yoga, Zen.

If you are interested in individual consultation, please contact me.