Yoga is not a sport, or a set of physical postures, nor a religious cult of Hindu gods.

Authentic Yoga is spirituality – the way of life and understanding of reality inspired by ancient mystical traditions of India.

Yoga is the art of peace of mind and harmonious life (Eduard Tomáš).

In a classical Greek meaning, art, similarly to areté, Gr. “virtue”, means “craft” (techné) to “stand in-between” two extremes (Aristotle) – between the paralyzing mental passivity (Gr. acedia, or Sa. tamas in the philosophy of Sāmkhya) and the absorbing mental activity (Gr. pathos, or Sa. rajas in the Sāmkhya darshana) – in the balance of intensive attention, in the presence of vibrating life-giving vitality (Gr. energeia, Sa. shakti). It is this practice (Gr. praxis, Sa. sādhana) that leads to wisdom (Gr. theoria, Lat. contemplatio, Sa. jñāna), aims at restoring the original unity of Being and Knowing – the integrity of the primordial state.

Harmonization of appropriately selected physical movements with breath and proper mental attitude helps to detoxify and vitalize the body, stimulate the immune system, reduce stress, adjust the weight, develop concentration, and finally make you ready for contemplation.